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21st May 2004

Oh, dear. A little long since the last update. Apologies to all bands and followers of the website. Smack my wrist, whatever.... anyway....

The Blunt Skulls have released a new EP entitled 'Enter the Breadbin'. On that subject, we have a an Mp3 of the track 'Perfect Place' available on thier band profile page.

Zyllah have a new CD out. Email the band for more details.

Welsh rapcore outfit Kosher have called it a day. RIP fellas. Despite promise for 2004 after being signed by Steelhouse records, bassist Andrzej and guitarist Mike decided to depart from the band it all went pear-shaped.

Frontman Mo Sullivan (vocals) intends to finish that albumt that would have been released, 'Rezurekt', and has already got himself involved with a new project called Seven Field Avenue who, according to Mo himself, will, "have a sound pitched somewhere between Audioslave and Soundgarden." We wish him good luck in his new venture.

29th March 2004

For those of you who live in the north, there is now a monthly alternative club night called ARA (it's latin for altar apparently...) that operates out of a church in Salford (next to Manchester). Definitely looks very cool, go check out the ARA website.

Acquitted are taking part in the Worldwide Battle of the Bands for Emergenza UK, taking place in Glasgow. If you happen to be in the area on 18th April, they're going to be on second at 8:05pm, and tickets will be £6.

New band in the bands section - Entheos from Northampton

24th February 2004

Apologies for the gap since the last update.

Sad news - Scottish punkers Gopherwood have disbanded.

A new quarterly event called End Game will now be taking place at the Stourbridge Rock Cafe. It will basically be run as a kind of youth event with bands. Tickets will be a couple of quid. Provisional date for now - April 18th. Website coming soon for that too. In the meantime if you're in a band or want to come then email for more details.

New band in our band profiles section. Say hello to Leicester based 'Daylight'.

Acquitted's new website has now gone live.

It is with great sadness that we announce that Gareth - vocalist with Welsh nu-metal group Axlanbay has parted ways with aforementioned band. The band is in talks as to what the next step is. For more details on what and why, follow the links from our profile of the band.

4th February 2004

The Blunt Skulls have just lost their saxophonist - Joe. If you can play saxophone or trombone, live in the Bromley area and can practise regularly, then email the band.

Angelface gig at Highbury Garage has CANCELLED! If you were planning to go, then don't. They will now be playing 6th April at the Spring Rock Night at the Garage.

Flik have changed their name to deathisnotwelcomehere. This is due to line-up changes and a change in vision and material.


21st January 2003

NEW BAND ADDED to the Bands profiles section. The Blunt Skulls are a Ska band from West Bromley in Kent. Welcome lads!

Angelface have recently parted ways with their bassist Ben. They are therefore currently looking for a replacement bassist. They are looking for a good bassist preferably between the ages of 18 and 22.

Angelface are also considering a name change. If you have any thoughts or opinions on the matter then go to the website and contact them via the forum, or email them.

Make sure to catch Angelface at their next London gig at the Garage. As an incentive, rumour has it that if you buy any merchandise at the gig, you get a free demo CD with some recent recordings on.


23rd December 2003

Little else to report. Other than the repeat what's at the bottom, that bands need to let us know about their gigs.

Skankmag will be back in the new year....

Have a nice Christmas!

30th November 2003

DJ Marc's next appearance on Total Rock will be Monday 8th December 9pm - 11pm.

Skankfest details are coming soon. When a venue and a date is established we'll let you know.

Gig lists on individual band pages have been removed. For the time being all gigs will only be listed (with links to profile pages) on the gigs page. So check regularly!

New boys Decarsus have a page in the profiles section - at last another heavier band to join the likes of Bloodwork and Still Small Voice. Until they know more about themselves though, there isn't really a great deal of info there. But there is a link to their website, which is currently under construction


19th November 2003:

Meltdown has passed by again for another year. It's probably safe to say that a great weekend was had by all. Many members of the Skanktified-UK list were there which was great, though many weren't....where were you all?

Anyway, there wasn't a single bum band in the line-up. Previously unheards 'Decarsus' and 'Sneek' were a pleasant surprise to many and we look forward to featuring them in the band profiles section in the near future. Jeff Scheetz was an excellent addition and 'twas good to have some classic metal in amongst all the nu-er-sounds.

For those who missed out this time, there's always next year. Additionally, Meltdown urgently needs some regular financial support. If you cannot or do not want to make the festival but wish to still support it, then visit Meltdown's website for more details on how you can support them.

6th November 2003:

Still Small Voice have been added to the band section. Extreme Metal from Northern Ireland. Good band website. Check it out.

There's now 30 bands in our band index. Keep 'em coming peeps.

This isn't really 'Skank' news, but it's interesting all the same. Stretch Armstrong have been named as one of Metal Hammer's top 50 'bands you must hear' in this months issue, page 40. Which is nice....

25th October 2003:

DJ Marc will be on Total Rock this coming Monday.

Congratulations to Axlanbay for bagging a slot supporting Funeral for a Friend at Patti's Pavillion on November 6th. If you're in the area then you know where you should be at that time!

Extensive update to the gigs page.

21st October 2003:

The Line up for the Meltdown festival has now been announced:

Music: Jeff Scheetz (USA), Gen, Zedisforzebra, V-12, Decarsus, Decapolis, Sneek.
Speakers: Pastor Bob Beeman & Jim LaVerde (both from USA)

Gen are looking to start sending out a regular Snail Mail newsletter entitled 'Generation'. If you're interested in getting it then go to the Gen website to sign up and learn more.

Keith and the Marzipan Soldiers invite you to check out their section on HERE.

Reminder about CRN. £30 = 2 clubs, 5 gigs and over 25 bands. That's what we call value for money!

7th October 2003:

Many bands have been added to the bands section, bringing the grand total to 29!!! Yay!

After visiting Wakenthedead the other day, I feel compelled to mention it here. It simply is one of the maddest sites I've seen for a while. Of particular note is the guide to the little know art of Sheep Aviation. You have been warned. Congratulations, those behind it, for totally bending and warping my mind. Keep up the good work!

V-12 are currently looking for a guitarist. Quote from Phil from the band, "We need soneone who is very good/creative, and who is aged up to 26ish." Go check out the band's website to hear their work and see if you're interested.

Re-design of the website. Hopefully this has now addressed various issues like the website not displaying properly on 800x600 monitors and various structure and usability issues. If you have anything to say about the site, good or bad then please let me know by emailing me.



29th September 2003:

ARN will be upon us soon. Tickets available from and all other half decent outlets. More details on the gig itself from

The UK Christian Alternative has recently been stunned by the webmaster of Skankweb actually doing some work. Many have proclaimed it as nothing less than a miracle from the Lord, including the webmaster himself.


9th June 2003

Rite Of Refusal hits the shops

Gen's freshman album has finally been release and is flying out of their hands. Check their site for details of how to get your hands on one of the best UK Christian hardmusic albums of the last five years. Gen will also be featured on Malcolm Dome's Nuworld Order on Totalrock July 7th between 9 and 11pm.

The sacred Order of Cephas dissolves

Camberley punk rock band Cephas have announced that they will split after Greenbelt 2003. Adam will be heading to uni and Ray is gonna be a dad in January so needs to practice his nappy technique. Cephas' career has seem the rise to the top of the field with a headline slot at the Rock afternoon of Greenbelt 2003 and a support slot at the Garage for Reuben. Cephas will be sawly missed but Jon and Andy are looking for a new project to get involved with so check here for more details soon.

Kosher head to the Steel Works

Rapcore outfit Kosher have just announced they have completed a deal with Steelworks (formerly Three Days Dead Records)under the Universal records umbrella. In another shock announcement Mike Spear has returned to Kosher to take up guitars where he left off. Kosher have added a DJ to there line up too in the shape of John Lewis aka DJ Sasquatch of Hip hop crew Optimus Prime.

20th Feb 2003

New Single for Bushbaby

BRISTOL power rock band Bushbaby are set to release a single, “Tinsel Town”. The record will be packaged with two B-sides, one of which will be their popular track “Skinny”. To promote the release the band are undertaking a seven-date UK tour kicking off in Derby on 10th April and concluding in London on 30th April.

Firefly Video and Cornerstone slot

Production is underway for a video for "Blue Eyed Boy" (a new version of which is being recorded for the album). The video is being produced by Provizorca who have just finished a video for Warner Bros. It will feature footage recorded at the SLOT festival in Poland last summer and the imprisonment of a small child within a large sculpture.

The band have confirmed they will be playing at the Cornerstone Festival in Chicago this summer.

3rd Feb 2003

Mikey Spear retires from Kosher

Mikey Spear one of the UK's Christian guitar legMikieends has decided to retire after three years service with Welsh nu-metalers Kosher. Mikey's long music career has spanned not just nu-metal but rock with a stint in Welsh rockers 'Third Day Rising' before providing those killer riffs for Kosher. Mikey will be sawly missed by peeps notably Kosher's charasmatic frontman Mo, who said in a press release on Skanktified-uk forum today, 'WE ARE GONNA MISS HIM ...CONSIDERIN' HE'S MY BEST MATE I'LL PROBABLY MISS HIM MORE THAN MOST.....'. All here at Skank would like wish Mikie well for the future. Sorry about the photo mate all we could find of you.

Kosher have said they will continue, Mo again in the same press release, 'IT'S GONNA TAKE A LITTLE WHILE TO RECOVER FROM THIS KNOCK I'M SURE. WE ARE STILL GOIN' AHEAD WITH THE NEW ALBUM(FARENHEIT 451).' Kosher will be auditioning new guitarists (two infact) in the future please contact the band for details. Could this be like Wess leaving Limp Bizkit? Skank hopes not.

25th Jan 2003

True Romance Tour

On the back of the succesful launch of their sophmore EP 'True Romance' Zedisforzebra will be embarking on a mini tour of the UK with fellow Kings of UK Christian Punk Cephas as support. Dates and times to be comfirmed check 'Up Coming Gig' pop up for more details.

18th Jan 2003

GEN Album Latest.

Meltdown Music has just confirmed plans to fly their latest signing to GEN out to Indiana in the February to record the Freshman album with top US Christian Nu-metal producer Tim Bushong. Kosher changes and new album.

Kosher have announced that stand in drummer Duke will replace Carl on a full time basis. Kosher have also said goodbye to manager Steve Speakman. They will also be starting work on their second full length album 'Fahrenheit 451' when their new recording studio is complete. More news on management and album to follow.

Zedisforzebra and Axlanbay on Totalrock on Jan 27th 9pm

Britain's premier Punk rawk band Zedisforzebra will be appearing with fellow Caroline Alexander support band Axlanbay on Malcolm Dome's Nu world order Radio show. The Zebras have been causing uproar with their latest EP True Romance so it was time to get them in the studio with Master Dome.


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