Band photo
Tom Nicholson,
3 Collingcroft Close,
East Hunsbury,
Email Entheos are looking into brand new equipment. they're currently recording at a slow rate, and look forward to people hearing their music.
  • Sam Claridge - guitar/vox
  • Shuan Milligan - bass
  • Tom Nicholson - drummer

Entheos was formed originally in November 2001, under a name since forgotten. With a four-piece line-up, only two of who are still in the band (Sam & Tom), they played a few gigs in Northampton, before having to change their line-up. They've since done this repeatedly, and had their most successful gig alongside Decapolis in Northampton again.

Entheos is about the music and the message. Their music has always been original, but meaningful. There are no lyrics without heart behind them. Their most popular song, 'Blood & Nails', is slowly building up a strong reputation. The band have started recording slowly, and when the new lineup comes along will rock the Gospel to everyone, everywhere.

The music: is generally called 'hard-rock', but that far from sums up the band. They have an unrivalled ability to write weird sounding music using hip-hop, drum'n'bass, indie, rock, death-metal, metal and punk. The music is highly original, and very risky, but the band are all about standing out like a very sore thumb. Their message is risky, their music is risky, their lifestyles are risky, so there you go. Their mission is basically to remind the dead of Christ, and they're not gonna stop.