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  just for one second, forget everything you are expecting...

imagine music not just for your ears? imagine music that lives and breathes to meet with our One Creator God? and this isn't just about music; this is about music birthed from purpose. music designed to please the Original Musician; the Master of Composers. music that inspires more than just emotion from it's listeners. music that demands change. music so fierce and yet so gentle. music that hurts as it heals.

musical comparisons are so weak. emo-core. metal. rock. punk. alternative. comparisons would be ironic. flik stand for everything these genres don't. more than opposites; enemies. this music isn't about fitting in or following a trend. this is about saying something - and saying it well.

describing flik is difficult, but describing the passion evoked through the soaring vocals and intense musical interludes is near impossible. throughout the quirky midsections and blistering choruses, one thing remains crystal clear; this is not for the faint-hearted. their unashamed christian motives are the life force behind the sky-high chorus lines and its these motives that drive them further in their search to see masses awakened to the presence of the One True God.

and so you see, this isn't quite as you were expecting...