Blunt Skulls  
020 8467 7971  

15 Birch Row

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  • Joe the saxophonist has just left because he couldn't make rehearsals. If you play saxophone or trombone and can practise regularly then email the band.
  • New EP available entitled 'Enter the Breadbin' available. For £4 you will get 3 professionally done tracks. Email the band for details.
  • Jonnie Temple - guitar, vocals, banjo
  • Justin Temple - bass, backing vocals
  • Andy Holloway - drums
  • Dave Holloway - trumpet, valve trombone
  • Richard Flynn - trombone
  • Libby Simmons - keyboard, percussion
  • Ben Clifford - djenbe, percussion, skanker
Formed in 2001, with previous names of “Nuclear Suitcase” and “Nutty Brown Sugar Meringue”, the Blunt Skulls now have a unique sound in their ska songs, which include elements of punk and ragtime. The songs written are upbeat, best known for their catchy horn pieces and superb bass riffs, whilst the lyrics, which can be found on the website, consist of Christian views, everyday situations and the most irregular everyday situations.
They are quite new to the gig scene and were privileged to play at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells. Although they wish to play at popular venues, they aim to do it for the right reasons, and they are to spread the word of God to the punk scene and youth of the UK whilst enjoying every second of playing their crazy ska.