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  • Won the Humanic Battle of the Bands at Greenbelt Festival.
  • Cat Aitken- Vocals
  • Rob Eisner - Guitars, vocals
  • Andrew Aitken - Drums
  • Ben Temple - Bass

(from the band)

Angelface..... a name which might bring to mind pretty people, playing quiet reflective music. WRONG, this band may be reflective, but quiet they are not. Prepare to be thrown into a world of spine tingling melodies, soaring guitar riffs, and heart lifting, thought provoking lyrics. Reflective yes, quiet, no. When you see the band live however, you see their full potential, they are not afraid to show their young energy on stage, running, jumping, their sets are full of power.

Angelface have been together since April 2002, they have played a number of gigs in the Reading area and are now setting their sights on other events around the country. They are also the in-house band for a Reading based event called Overflow, which features 2 other large bands from around the country each month. They have also recently been endorsed by Maverick Guitars.

Comparisons are difficult to make, however the names Evanescence and No Doubt have been mentioned. Their style has changed considerably over time, becoming progressively heavier and louder, and they currently describe themselves as heavy rock vergin on nu-metal.

Don't let the name fool you, these guys are out to ROCK!

Check out the band's website for thier funky on-line jukebox thingy.